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How To Setup Network, Share Folder & Add To XBMC


In This Article i will cover How to setup Network Then share folder. How XBMC sees The Shared folders, and how to setup source and so on and so forth…

1. Setup your network Click Here

2. How to Share Folder
a). Windows 7 Click Here
b). Windows 7 Video Click Here
c). MAC OSX Click Here

3. How to Add The Shared Folder on XBMC
a). Add Source Click Here

4. If You want to Boot Directly to XBMC Click here

If You come across something i haven’t Covered please leave it as message at the bottom and i will Answer you Promptly…

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3 thoughts on “How To Setup Network, Share Folder & Add To XBMC
  • mark says:

    How do I set up my network drive so that I can download stuff from XBMC? I am using the atv 2 jailbreaked. I am using the WD my book live, the xbmc can see it under upnp but I can’t find it when it comes to downloading a movie or tv show.


    • xctechs says:

      You need to ask this question under mashup and downloads cause there is no other add-on that allows you to process this type of request

  • Rosella says:

    Everyone loves it whhen people gget together and hare thoughts.
    Great blog, continue thhe goid work!


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