iOS 6 Beta 2 Do lets you move Apple TV icons Finally

Apple has seeded iOS 6 to developers the day it announced it at WWDC and everyone is looking for new features. The iOS beta works Apple TV2 and 3 or The New AppleTV. One new feature that has been discovered on the Apple TV by is that you now have the ability to move icons around on the home screen. If you hold the select button, you can rearrange your hearts content to where ever spot you want. It’s not a huge feature, but definitely a useful one if you like to have your most used apps near the top. You can see it in the picture above or if you have the 2nd beta of iOS 6 on your Apple TV, you can try it at home. there is no Jailbreak out for iOS 6, the iPSW is available on Internet for developers, on Apple Website.

Here is the detail on What i found out,

Since iOs 6 Beta 2 Came out The First Line can not be moved

but When you see the 2nd line

Now just like ( iPhone or iPad or iPod Icons )  When holding The Select Button On Remote Control you get the little Wiggle. Meaning you can move the icons So I moved the NetFlix Icon

Hope this showing some new things for guys that are using AppleTV2 and 3 but still no jailbreak for iOS 6 yet since its still beta package…

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