Share Folder On Windows 7 Step by Step Guide

How to share Folder on Windows 7, with Security options, I know alot of you had problem setting this up i hope this works out for you guys

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  1. Hey there, Thanks for all the videos you’ve been posting about AppleTv. I needed help on file sharing. I’m running windows 7 and I have followed you step by step instructions but I keep running into a few problems. When I go to *Add Network Location and then *Browse I keep getting an *Error 2: Share not available. How do I fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Check your network and router, make sure your connect to same router.

      Also on windows 7 turn off UAC
      Start >> search for >> UAC

      Try again

  2. When I try to access my network (workgroup/network name) it asks me for a username/password. In lock settings. Everything I try won’t work?

    • if you followed this guide, it will tell you what to do, and when your on XBMC you have to enter your userid and pass for your Win 7 and your good to go

  3. Does this sharing would help me to move a Zip file from my computer to my Amazon Fire TV? I just downloaded 2 plugin ins in a form of zip files to my computer…and until now, the only files that I can “move” from my computer to my AFTV are the APK files using the ADB debug…Any idea?

    • FireTV do have its own limitations, but for install add-ons on your Kodi you can use the file browser inside of Kodi your correct

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