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AppleTV 2 – How to Add Shared Folder on XBMC

Since alot of you guys were asking me to make a video on how to add a Shared folder which have a password on XBMC. that way it wont ask for password everytime it requests password,

Here is the video

What you need

1. Jailbroken AppleTV2
2. nitoTV to install XBMC
3. ssh XBMC directly

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7 thoughts on “AppleTV 2 – How to Add Shared Folder on XBMC
  • Thomas says:

    Thanks a lot for your video. It was very helpful. But somehow it was not possible for me to get access to the folder (on my desktop), which was secured through a username + password. It was possible for me to use the already public folder “public” in the folder “users”. And this only by shutting down the anti virus program “Kaspersky Internet Security”. This is probably not such a good idea. Do you know which settings I should change to allow XBMC the access to my computer?

  • Stephen says:

    Thanks for the great videos first of all. I am still new to using ios and am having problems adding the new network location. From the drop-down menu I chose AFP but then it will not let me browse for my folder. So I assume I key in my network address like 192.168.xx.xxx, is that correct? That is what I did and then where shared folder is I put the name of the folder I want to share. It comes back telling me it cannot connect. I know its something stupid I am doing wrong, can you give me a clue? Thanks in advance.

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  • carl says:

    Can’t connect to my shared folders from Imac on OSX 10.9.1
    It says broken pipe or verify with your network manager…
    tried with AFP and SMB

    • xctechs says:

      make sure your MAC PC is up to date before you process, i would suggest you make sure proxy is not blocking check all…

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