Buzztv HD5 Dongle | Android 11 – 2GBRAM 16GB Storage | Unboxing and Full Review

This unit is now going to the top, with security plus with firmware. This unit has ton of options, and settings you can customize to make it totally yours, which other brands talk about but never able to process it.

Points I like about this buzztv model HD5 16GB

  • Add Fav Channels main screen
  • EPG is alot of clear and fast loading
  • 5Ghz for longer range WIFI
  • Newer Remote with App
  • OS 11
  • Hardware is not from used parts

Things I don’t like about this HD5

  • (( Static Mouse )) on Bluetooth Remote
  • Netflix SD or HD not compatible
  • Android TV Playstore
  • Gaming control is not setup at all

Where to purchase:
Use code: xctechs

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