Boot ATV2 directly into XBMC

Ok campers, you ask for it and now you can have it.
Thanks to tomcool (with some poking from davilla),
you can boot the atv2 and have it enter into xbmc directly.
No more having to right button over and start it…

on quit it does not exit to frontrow …
because gets restarted at xbmc quit it just restarts into xbmc
so you’ll never see the apple software again with xbmc-booter installed…

How to install:

apt-get install org.tomcool.xbmc-booter

How to remove:

apt-get remove org.tomcool.xbmc-booter

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  1. U have some really great videos. Question!! Do u have a video on config. XBMC to stream movies ect? Have aptv that have xbmc install only need to know the steps to get get movies.


    • I don’t support anything to do with 3rd party plugins you can find the plugins from XBMC forums but i only show to install that is all

  2. Thanks,I willkeep trying.

  3. Hi Xctechs, you’re my ATV 2 XBMC guru, thanks for all your video’s.

    I had a question on the direct boot to XBMC trick. I read that if I use this package I will no longer be going back to front row once I quit XBMC, and it will just reboot XBMC, does that mean I will not be able to put my ATV 2 to sleep?

    • you know to be honest, when i click quit it takes me to AppleTV 2 main screen some people indicting that it directly just reboots back to XBMC but i never experience that…

      Why don’t you try to see what happens that same article takes out back and forth to add direct boot to XBMC and how to remove it that way it wont get stuck

  4. I absolutely love your Videos, i generally get them through XBMC, on my G Box Clone, as a newbie to XBMC I bought a clone box,(Branded MX) as I didnt know any better, now i see the real G Box available for reasonable money, i was going to buy one BUT I seen info on the web saying its possible to download the g-box firmware from the Matricom website and flash the Clone box and turn it into a G-box… do you know if this is possible?

    • the MX version is not supported by matricom nor by us!… its not a good box, please return where you purchased and get the orginal version from matricom website

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