Here are some Wallpapers i used on my videos i am going to share here and since i don’t remember which HD i have them on i’ll have to dig out and bring here for now enjoy these

( To View Full Size, Click on the picture ) to save after that right click and save as

1.) all time favorite


2.) this is suppose to be AppleTV 2 with our logo inside


3.) This one was created by one of my buddies,


4.) This One made for XBMC or PC wallpaper your choice ( 720p)



5.) This Wallpaper is for XBMC or PC but TV shows  (720p)



6.) This Wallpaper is created for Fun (720p)


Hope you guys like the designs and more in the future  if you have any designs or want to make a design please contact me i’ll give you our logo and you can create a awesome background i’ll post it here and with your name and website


7.) This wallpaper created for fun (720p)



I have tried to recreate the same type of screen as XBMC Frodo but our colours. hope this brings some little difference to our background selections..