AppleTV 2 – Fusion Server Based Installer For XBMC

Topic: AppleTV 2 – Fusion Server Based Installer For XBMC

Since alot of you guys having problem with PuTTY and WinSCP, but already have XBMC installed on your AppleTV2, here is a easy step on Installing your Favorite Plugin on your XBMC,

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Things you need to know

1. To Jailbreak with Latest iOS



2. To Ssh XBMC or nitoTV and change Pass or Install aTV Flash (Black)

XBMC 11.03beta


Pass Change on Ssh

aTV Flash (Black)

Need Help step by step written Guide
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  1. When I select install from zip file and select fusion there is no content.
    Can to tell me what I am doing wrong.

  2. question, after messing around with this for hours. i was able to get installed xbmc and nitotv. i have a few questions that im not sure about.
    1. do i install all that stuff in nitotv that says not installed?
    2. i installed some addon’s but nothing seem’s to work. i installed livestream tv and when i click on the channels is loads them but doesn’t run. i see all the catagories HD channels, SD channels etc…
    3. i also tried icefilms with the latest 1.1.20 file and when i select a tv show i get script error and when i select a movie i see bluray or dvdrip whatever i pick nothing happens.
    4. what’s the best addon’s for tv and movies. some people have said just install 1channel and project free tv.
    i would like spongebob channels for my daughter and others that she likes.
    please help

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