Best Budget Streamer Box 2022| UniPro 3.0 TVBox OS 9.0 | Unboxing And Review

here is another tv box that has a build-in app for your LiveTV but you need to find subscription yourself. it has a real good firmware build and security.

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00:00 intro
00:33 Unboxing

01:00 User Manual
01:33 Power Adapter
01:44 2X AAA Batteries
01:47 HDMI cable
01:49 IR Remote (Detailed)
03:34 UniPro 3.0 Box (Detailed)

05:19 First Time boot-in
05:40 Main Launcher

07:42 YouTube 4K
08:31 Geekbench
08:51 AIDA64

11:09 Netflix (SD)
11:54 Disney Plus (HD) (Detailed)
12:38 Server Settings
14:06 Look, Feel Menus

UniPro Classic
16:33 Server Settings
17:34 Look, Feel and Menus

18:50 Speed Test
20:40 Conclusion

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