Top Budget Earbuds for 2022 | Soundpeats – Free2 classic | Unboxing And Review

It seems like every company is releasing their own true wireless earbuds and they all claim to do nearly the same thing. With all the options available how can you tell which one actually delivers a quality product at fair price.

We have started to play with this Free2 Classic model from Soundpeats for good 2 weeks it seems to be working just fine. The charge is holding properly, and sound quality really pays off.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Unboxing
00:48 User Manual
01:22 Charging Cable (USB Type-C)
01:44 Extra Ear tips
02:04 Docking Station (detailed)
03:23 Earbuds (detailed)
04:03 Pairing with Phone
04:49 Touch pad testing
05:48 Sound Record/Phone Test
06:40 More info
07:31 Conclusion

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