Top Budget Projector 2022 | Gammabai Joy – Unboxing and Review

Are you looking for a budget projector but don’t know which one to choose because of the different options that are available?

We are here to make it simple for you to choose the best projector, now this budget project is called Joy it is 720P Native Resolution but pretty bright and perfect for dark rooms. the company behind creating this is called Gammabai, they have really zoomed in to grab big box projectors features and brought it to this nice small and well priced projector.

00:00 intro
00:27 Unboxing

Included in the box
00:54 Warranty Card
01:06 Instruction Manual
02:04 RCA Adapter
02:28 Power line Wire
02:40 IR Remote (Detail)
03:44 Joy Projector (Details)

First time
06:00 Hooking up Projector
06:11 First Screen (Details)

Settings Features(Details)
07:02 Settings
07:21 System Update
07:31 Other Settings
08:25 System Info
08:42 WIFI Settings
09:24 Bluetooth Settings
09:57 Projection Image Settings
10:03 Projection / Mode
10:31 Projection / 4-point Keystone
11:17 Projection / Digital Zoom

12:19 Near Brightness Test
12:34 Near to Wall Brightness test
12:38 Fan Noise Test Near Projector
12:49 Sound Test In the room
13:02 Zoom in Pixel Test
13:21 Light On and Off Test
14:26 Gaming & Latency Test
15:19 Conclusion

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    I wanted to say I love this product.

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