AppleTV 2 – Full Interactive Guide How to Jailbreak 4.4.2 Step By Step

Since alot of you requested on how Jailbreak From scratch
here is a video for all of you

Here is What you need:
1. AppleTV 2 (buy it from Apple Store or Bestbuy or online )
it should cost around $99 US
a. MicroUSB from any Computer Store or Walmart or Online
it should cost around $5 to $12
b. HDMI Cable (buy it from Apple Store or Bestbuy or Online ) it should cost around $20
2. Download Seas0nPass from
3. You need a Computer Windows XP – 7 or MAC OSX
4. Follow this video for jailbreak
5. Follow this video for Tethered Boot
Now Before you go : IMPORTENT to know :: MUST KNOW
BEFORE YOU ASK QUESTION ::: OR BEFORE YOU GET UPSET AND TROLL :::: ((( XBMC The Only Compatible Version is The Nightly Built )))
little more info, after installing Each Package Yes you need to tether boot before installing next package so here is how i am going to link it

6. Install aTV Flash (Black) RC1
7. Tether Boot
8. Install XBMC nightlyBuilt
9. Tether Boot
10. Install nitoTV
11. Tether Boot

HDMI Cable Unpacking Video :

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