AppleTV 2 – XBMC Clear Cache Step by step Guide

Alot of you are sending me emails and messages asking how do i fix my XBMC to ran fast just like when you installed it new, without deleting the XBMC and reinstalling, here is a video you guys, Now what to do

1. Make sure your AppleTV 2 is connected to your TV and you could see the main screen
2. Download WinSCP
or FileZillla
3. Follow this link for folders



That is all onces this is set, Enjoy your XBMC

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  1. I’m trying to clear cache on ATV 2, using FileZilla. I put in my: ip address, root, alpine, I’ve tried port 21,22 and have left it blank…I get the same error “Econrefused” any suggestions?

  2. Hi,

    I followed all your directions but when I get to the appletv directory there is no video folder but when I go to play anything on XMBC it still says cache full. Any Suggestions??

  3. After deleting what?? I can’t see the video folder….

  4. Since there is no folder how do I go about clearing the cache??

  5. I did the cache clear and now icefilms does not work. The add-on is still available, but there seems to be no content. It won’t load. Tried reboot, reinstall, but still no content.

    • do you run XBMC 10.0 or 11. or over because Clear Cache it i have indicated for earlier then 11.0 if you have erased for newer version you have deleted alot of important things and only way to fix is to delete XBMC and re-install and then install your plugins, if its about Ice-films its better to ask your question about Icefilms on forums

  6. I have a problem with my apple tv 2 hope you can. On my xbmc in the top left Hand corner there is writing that is there all the time and I would like to remove it.
    This is what is written
    MEM: FPS
    Thanks Chris

    • you have turned on your log viewer its under settings check it out see what stuff have check marks and one talking about display log uncheck it

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