The Difference Between An Untethered Jailbreak And Tethered Jailbreak!

With the addition of first time AppleTV 2 owners, and users who are new to jailbreaking, it is no doubt that some jailbreaking terms that we talk about can get a bit confusing. While not all the terms we talk about are necessarily that important for you to understand there are a couple that are. These terms are a tethered jailbreak and an untethered jailbreak. These are two very important terms that you should understand and know what they mean.


Here is a quick rundown of what each term means…

A Tethered Jailbreak: A tethered jailbreak means that each time you reboot your AppleTV2, the boot process will fail (you’ll get stuck on the Apple logo). To get around this you will need to plug your AppleTV2 back into your computer and re-run Seas0nPass you originally used to jailbreak your AppleTV2 and Click on  Boot Tethered Icon.

A Untethered Jailbreak: An untethered jailbreak is the opposite of a tethered jailbreak, meaning that your AppleTV2 will function as normal; except it will be jailbroken.

Now why do these two terms interest you? Well the next iOS 5.2.1 jailbreak will be a tethered jailbreak for newer AppleTV2, so it is important you understand what a tethered jailbreak means, so you do not need to worry about having a tethered jailbreak.

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