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Upgrade Midnight MX2 OpenElec Kodi 15.2

This video we are showing how to upgrade from OpenElec Kodi 14.2 to OpenElec Kodi 15.2, You need these: 1. File: http://bit.ly/1RtMTns 2. Computer 3. 10 Minutes How to Convert your G-Box Midnight MX2 from Android to OpenElec Follow this video http://bit.ly/1GvD3te Share This:


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Install OpenElec On G-BOX MidNight MX2

Since alot of request here is a video on how to update your G-Box MX2 box with OpenElec, Remember there are some bugs involved but for rest it works flawless Things you Need: 1 SD Card The Zip file ( Matricom OpenELEC.zip) containing the OpenELEC build, recovery.img, and AML Script. 1 Toothpick or small screwdriver […]


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G-Box Midnight MX2 Screen Size Fix

This video is very basic 101 on how you can fix your screen size to fit your monitor.. Official website & Ordering: http://goo.gl/dVbnwc Share This:


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G-Box Midnight MX2 Wifi Trouble shooting 101

This video is very basic trouble shooting to show simple user on how to check and fix WiFi issue with G-Box Official website & Ordering: http://goo.gl/dVbnwc Share This:


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G-Box Midnight MX2 Find OS Version 101

This video is just version simple for people to find there OS model and Kernel version to make sure if they require update or not, Official website & Ordering: http://goo.gl/dVbnwc Share This:


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G-Box Midnight MX2 Update to 1.2.1

A lot of us had problem with 1.2 File release since it was missing some little portions. now they fixed it Ok Here is what you need first of all 1. G-Box Midnight MX2 2. a ToothPick or Small Screw driver 3. SD card ( Make sure it should 512 or higher ) 4. Files […]


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Difference Between G-Box Midnight MX2 VS Droid MX Box

Lately are proliferating in the market poor quality refurbished copies of popular G-BOX Midnight MX2 imitating their outward appearance. These teams are also fully compatible with the G-BOX Midnight Firmware Original MX2 and internally have a very different hardware as discussed in the following article We have received the Droid MX safely at the official store of the manufacturer […]


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G-Box Midnight MX2 Software Update To 1.2 And What is New

Since This Update came up, and it have alot of goodies we thought its good idea to come up with a Video to ease the pain and walk through step by step on how to process this update.. Things you Need: 1. SD Card Over 500MB 2. Something to place your Midnight MX2 to Recovery […]


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Master Rest G-BOX Midnight MX2 – 101 Guide

Since some of you had problem with loading too many things and did not want to reload the total software via USB or SD card here is how you can reset G-box MX2 OS… Share This:


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Master Rest XBMC On G-BOX Midnight MX2 Android Media Box

Alot of you guys have this question; how do I reset my XBMC without un-installing, or using any add-ons while there is an add-on you can use, here is a video how to reset on Android 1. Factory Rest XBMC: http://goo.gl/C67OQT Where to Order your own G-BOX Midnight MX2 Official website to order: http://goo.gl/7jgE1C Share […]


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