G-Box Midnight MX2 Update to 1.2.1

A lot of us had problem with 1.2 File release since it was missing some little portions. now they fixed it

Ok Here is what you need first of all

1. G-Box Midnight MX2
2. a ToothPick or Small Screw driver
3. SD card ( Make sure it should 512 or higher )
4. Files
a) Firmware 1.2.1 http://goo.gl/cDfvGa
b) AML script http://goo.gl/wjhuYp
c) Recovery image http://goo.gl/HxC1OB
d) Forum Page http://goo.gl/HfGMXh

5. Follow our Video and process your Firmware upgrade

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  1. I installed 1.2.1 on my Gbox midnight mx2 but I can’t seem to get any of my add-ons that I had previously. I then tried to reinstall 1.6.1 and that isn’t working, any advice?

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