Difference Between G-Box Midnight MX2 VS Droid MX Box


Lately are proliferating in the market poor quality refurbished copies of popular G-BOX Midnight MX2 imitating their outward appearance. These teams are also fully compatible with the G-BOX Midnight Firmware Original MX2 and internally have a very different hardware as discussed in the following article

We have received the Droid MX safely at the official store of the manufacturer

(( We are said before and again will indicate these boxes are totally different from each other ))

The Real G-BOX Midnight MX2 set box

g-box mx2 full


And The Refurbished Version Droid MX

MX Box


Other differences are  bottom where box needs to breath



Internally to unmount both teams are obvious differences, the G-Box Midnight MX2 ORIGINAL Base plate has color BLUE  and includes a metal plate in the top chassis. Instead, the Droid MX Base Plate COPY has the GREEN and does not have the metal plate.

both boards side by side

If we look a little carefully we will see that although both plates match all connectors at the level of internal circuitry are totally different, do not look alike at all, in fact they are completely incompatible with each equipment. If you have Purchased an Refurbished MX box you can go back to same store and ask why not G-BOX Midnight MX2, and if they do have it grab the original one so we could assist you better..

By The way we did explain this also in our video


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  1. Do you guys know where to get the FW to load android on a iMX6 DroidBox. It currently has the XBMC firmware (frodo). I’ve seen different videos on how to flash the FW including yours. Just wondering if you had info about this particular box.


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