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MyGica ATV1200/120/520e/400 Soft Reset – 101 Master Reset

Here is yet another 101 video on how to master reset your MyGica ATV1200

Why Hard Reset:

1. If your box is not functioning properly
2. Having alot of issue with your apps
3. Wifi is not connecting
4. screen freezing alot
5. You want to give the box to someone for good and want everything wipped

Official North American Order: http://goo.gl/wpwYzv
Official World Wide order: Coming Soon

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  1. MyGica ATV1200 screen keeps freezing a lot while streaming and i have done this and it is still freezing, any other suggestions?

    • check your system memory, make sure its not almost full.. and if you still have issue please contact MyGica Support line

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