Here’s how to fix the issue without rejailbreaking. And PS the password has NOTHING to do with whatever is happening the these boxes. My passwords were changed as soon as it was jailbroken as that is the first step to EVERY jailbreak. (Install openssh. Change passwords…)

This fixed my ATV2 without needing to rejailbreak:

Fix Apple TV 2G SSH login problem (connection refused)

Things needed:

openssh_5.8p1-9_iphoneos-arm.deb file from…honeos-arm.deb
iFunbox from (Mac/PC)
USB Cable to AppleTV

1. Install afc2add via nitoTV (if you don’t have nitoTV, you have to install it so you can do this)
a. Select nitoTV -> Install Software -> afc2add -> Install

2. Reboot ATV (full reboot not just lowtide. You should see Apple logo)

3. Connect Apple TV to computer with USB cable. Wait for drivers to load.

4. Open iFunBox

5. Under Connected Devices in iFunBox you should see your ATV2

6. Click on Raw File System (this will be the / directory on your ATV)

7. Navigate to /private/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall

8. Use CopyFromPC and upload openssh_5.8p1-9_iphoneos-arm.deb into that directory. This sets it up to be installed when the ATV reboots next. DO NOT REBOOT YET!

9. Navigate to /private/var/stash/libexec/cydia/startup

10. Use CopyToPC to copy “startup” file to your PC/Mac

11. Edit the file on your computer

12. Modify the line that starts with dpkg:
dpkg -i “${debs[@]}” 2>/tmp/dpkg.log 1>&2
gets changed to:
dpkg –force-downgrade -i “${debs[@]}” 2>/tmp/dpkg.log 1>&2

13. Use CopyFromPC to copy “startup” file back to the directory it came from

14. Full reboot ATV

15. Try to connect. If it doesn’t connect, use nitoTV to re-upgrade openssh to 6.0p1-10
a. Select nitoTV -> Install Software -> openSSH -> Install

16. Full reboot ATV

17. You should be able to connect thru SSH again

18. Once connected thru SSH, change your passwords just to be safe. Make them good and secure!
a. Type “passwd” <enter>
b. Enter your new “root” password
c. Re-enter your new “root” password
d. Type “passwd mobile” <enter>
e. Enter your new “mobile” password
f. Re-enter your new “mobile” password

( Will create Pictures as soon as Video is created )


( Thanks to XBMCHUB.COM fourms & mscreations Mod for Script )

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  1. I have tried this fix and still no luck.Is there another way to clean cache and delete unused addons with out SSH?

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