Statement on AppleTV 3 Jailbreak

Topic: Statement on AppleTV 3 Jailbreak

Since alot of you guys are getting upset, that i am not making video for AppleTV 3 jailbreak, and there is a website which indicating jailbreak is out, I thought i should just make a video to tell everyone. NO Jailbreak available for AppleTV 3 and there is No ETA, those websites are just Lies to make money, Over and Over they have stolen our videos from Our Channel and chopped the voice and made it sound like Jailbreak is out for AppleTV 3 but again we got the videos down,

Enjoy your AppleTV 2, if you don’t have one get one if you don’t know the difference how it looks here is some links to know the difference before you purchase them from online or In Person since Apple Stores don’t carry
AppleTV 2 anymore…

1. Tell Difference Which AppleTV your Holding ( AppleTV 2 or The New AppleTV 3)

Our Sister Website satement in detail


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