Buzztv XRS4900 VS X5 128AI | Comparison Video | Basics on Which is better

We have created this video to show you if Buzztv XRS4900 is better then X5 128AI. You have to remember that XRS4900 dose use S922X chipset but X5 Series uses S905X4 chipset, while being different chip what is the basic advantage of each.

In this video we have tried to explain as simple as possible.

00:00 intro
00:55 Physical Appearance
01:38 Ports and Connections

06:06 Remotes
06:18 BT-200 Remote ( detailed )
07:51 BT-400 Remote
08:05 BT-400 Smart Remote App ( detailed )
10:04 Difference In Buttons

11:23 Launcher Differences ( detailed )
12:30 Difference with Connections

13:30 Conclusion

Where to purchase:
Official website : use XCTECHS to save

Amazon CAN:
Amazon USA:

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