2022 Budget Best Projector | Bomaker Cinema 500 MAX | Unboxing And Review

I really enjoy playing with this projector it is standing out on how it is setup, and with Miracast feature also setup to WIFI/Bluetooth 5.0 it really taken the projector quality to another level.

00:00 intro
00:25 Unboxing

Compoents part of the box
00:50 Power adapter
01:02 HDMI Cable
01:13 RCA Adapter
01:31 IR Remote (Detailed)
02:26 User Manual
03:14 Cinema 500 MAX Projector (First look)
03:25 Prjoector (Detailed)

06:03 Connecting Power
06:28 Main Screen First look

07:12 Settings
07:19 WIFI Settings
07:57 Bluetooth Settings

Projection Image Settings
08:13 Projection Mode (detailed)
08:47 Keystone Advanced
09:18 Digital Zoom

09:59 System Update
10:52 Other Settings
11:33 About

11:55 Projector Max HDMI Input
12:39 light off or on (Test)
13:17 Near to screen Pixel (Test)
13:39 Lux Meter Test (near Projector)
13:59 Lux Meter Test (Near to Screen)
14:05 Loud Sound Test
14:24 Fan Noise near to Projector
14:33 Fan Noise Near to Screen
14:46 Bluetooth info
15:05 Gaming Latency info
15:49 Conclusion

Where to purchase:
53% off Coupon code($89.3): XCTECHS53
Product link: https://rebrand.ly/XCTECHS53

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