Buzztv 5.0 beta on VidStick Series | Install, – Troubleshooting and New Features

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We have gone through few days thinking and communicating with buzztv to get all the lines covered on how this update can happen. This is an Buzztv 5.0 beta update for your ST4000 / VidStick / VidStick Plus / VidStick MAX, for now. As I know they are working restless to bring this update to Vidstick Series too.

  • There is help under this on if you get a message that you are compatible what to look for.
  • Remember that if you are on OS 9.0 Pie Then you can get this update.
  • If you get stuck what to do as steps are be explained.
  • When you do get updated, if you need more assistance please refer to only.
  • You can not go back to Buzztv 4.0 once you do this update.

00:00 intro
00:31 use WIFI Only
00:50 Explain about Beta
02:00 How to Update
02:31 If ( No Beta update Available )
04:19 If All Ok Click Update
05:54 Buzztv 5 launcher first look
07:22 New Settings
07:57 Change Background
09:29 Server Settings
19:47 main Launcher with LiveTV
10:25 VOD Changes
11:39 LiveTV Details
12:22 Pause LiveTV
12:59 Recording New Features
15:28 VOD External Player
17:00 Buzztv 5 themes,
20:14 Conclusion

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