Buzztv E2 SE 4GB RAM 32GB STORAGE OS 9.0 | Unboxing and Review

We have brought up yet another budget but top branded buzztv box called Essential E2 SE aka Special Edition. In this video we have detailed gone through everything starting from unboxing to bench marking for stress test. And different app testing for quality, and more…

00:00 intro for Buzztv E2 SE

01:18 Unboxing for Buzztv E2 SE

  • What is Included in The Box
    01:57 User Manual for Buzztv E2 SE
    02:13 Power Supply for Buzztv E2 SE
    02:39 HDMI Cable for Buzztv E2 SE
    02:48 IR-100 Remote for Buzztv E2 SE
    04:18 The Buzztv E2 SE Box ( details )

05:36 How to Connect Buzztv E2 SE

05:57 First Boot for Buzztv E2 SE
06:23 Welcome Screen for Buzztv E2 SE
07:36 Main Launcher for Buzztv E2 SE ( Detailed )
08:40 Updater App for Buzztv E2 SE

  • Bench Marks
    09:03 YouTube 4K ( Testing ) for Buzztv E2 SE
    09:36 Video Testing for Buzztv E2 SE
    10:28 Geekbench on Buzztv E2 SE
    10:46 AIDA64 on Buzztv E2 SE
    13:23 Disney Plus on Buzztv E2 SE
    14:44 Netflix SD on Buzztv E2 SE

15:53 Background Apps on Buzztv E2 SE
16:15 Setup Server on Buzztv E2 SE

*Buzztv 4 App
18:04 LiveTV ( details ) on Buzztv E2 SE
21:15 VOD ( details) on Buzztv E2 SE
22:26 PVR functions on Buzztv E2 SE
22:41 EPG ( Details ) on Buzztv E2 SE

23:12 Speed Test ( Details ) on Buzztv E2 SE

24:13 Conclusion


  • OS 9.0
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Buzztv 4.0 upgradable in the near future to Buzztv 5.0


  • No Air Mouse remote like ARQ-100.

Where to purchase:
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Official Page:

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  1. I can’t find a IPTV Service (USA) that will work with the server setting ( Mac, XC APl, M3U ) all will not connect to the IPTV Services I used. VooDoo and Steller Streams after buying a month service, the tickets sent back to me said they don’t have any knowlwge on Buzz tv and “WE DON’T WORK WITH ITS BUZZ 5 SCREENS LAYOUT AND RECORDER.” CAN YOU GIVE ME A IPTV SERVICE(S) That will work with this Buzz tv server sets.
    The box is a BuzzTV xrs4900. Tried setting up with IPVaninsh turn on & Off .

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