Best wireless PREMIUM earbuds of 2021| MiFo O5 2nd Gen Unboxing And Review

MiFo 05 Plus Gen 2- New and Improved! What has changed!!?? 10% off




Definitely more bass than other brands, and they don’t fall out easily. Sound quality is good, microphone is decent as long as you aren’t talking in strong winds. Definitely better than beats pro wireless earbuds if you care about bass.

00:00 intro Mifo O5 2nd Gen
00:44 Unboxing Mifo O5 2nd Gen

01:33 User Manual Mifo O5 2nd Gen
01:37 USB-C Charging Cable for Mifo O5 2nd Gen
01:42 USB-C to USB-A Adapter for Mifo O5 2nd Gen
01:50 Extra Ear tips for Mifo O5 2nd Gen
02:00 Docking Station for Mifo O5 2nd Gen
03:14 Earbuds info ( Details ) for Mifo O5 2nd Gen

04:18 Pairing Earbuds Mifo O5 2nd Gen
05:12 Touch ( Testing ) for Mifo O5 2nd Gen
05:42 Rec and Phone calls Testing for Mifo O5 2nd Gen

06:23 Detail info about base
07:25 Conclusions

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