Why Is Everyone Buying These Earbuds?| PUTARE TWS A20 Earbuds Unboxing And Review

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The first impression of the earbuds is a good quality build, The Putare TWS A20 made with Bluetooth 5.1, Setup takes seconds with the Bluetooth pairing process dead easy, once connected to your phone you can start listening to your favorite songs, functions on the phone are controlled from touch gestures on the earpieces and they come with comfortable loops to keep them in place every during moderate levels of exercise.

00:00 Start Putare A20 earbud video
00:48 Putare A20 Unboxing

Putare A20 Components
01:11 Putare A20 User Manual
01:27 Putare A20 Charging USB-C cable
01:41 Putare A20 Ear Tips
01:57 Putare A20 Charging Station

02:08 Putare A20 Charging Station (Details)
03:23 Putare A20 Earbuds (Details)

04:25 Putare A20 Pairing Bluetooth (Guide)
05:03 Putare A20 earbuds Touch (Testing)
05:19 Putare A20 Voice Record (Testing)

06:03 Putare A20 Details
06:50 Conclusions

Where to purchase:
Amazon CAN: https://amzn.to/2Zeuu9C

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