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Here is our take and bringing the honesty about this so called brand new FireStick 4K MAX, with so much confusion out there, here is our video to Fix that confusion and help you correct the problems.

00:00 FireStick 4K MAX start
00:50 FireStick 4K MAX Unboxing

01:50 User Manual
02:19 Important Info
02:24 HDMI Extender
02:31 2 Triple A Batteries
02:37 Power adapter
02:51 Power Cable
03:12 Firestick Alexa Remote
04:35 FireStick 4K MAX ( Detailed )

05:45 Hooking up to power

06:09 First Look to FireStick UI

07:29 FireStick 4K MAX Alexa Remote Testing

Apps details
08:35 YouTube (Quality Testing) On FireStick 4K MAX
09:40 Netflix (Quality Testing) On FireStick 4K MAX
10:27 Disney Plus (Quality Testing) On FireStick 4K MAX
11:48 Anality app ( Speed Test ) WIFI 6
12:38 AIDA 64 ( Detailed Info )
15:18 Video Quality Testing
16:34 Conclusions

Where to purchase:
Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:

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