C30 Replacement Bluetooth Smart Remote for FireTV – Stick – Cube – TVOS

This is the replacement Remote for Your FireTV or FireTV Stick or Fire Cube, this also going to be compatible and work like charm with any Android TVOS boxes.


  • Very Small fit your hand
  • Battery Placement led
  • The Buttons are very functioning
  • The IR learning


  • None Yet


00:00 intro
00:54 Unboxing
01:16 User Manual
01:53 C30 Remote
02:22 Going Around Remote
02:52 All Keys On Remote
03:25 Input Batteries
03:45 How to Pair with FireTV Stick
05:38 Home button ( Testing )
06:05 Numeric Buttons ( Testing )
06:33 Pair TV with IR Functions
07:44 Turn On TV ( Testing )
07:55 Vol Button ( Testing )
08:10 Conclusion

Where to Purchase:
Amazon USA: https://amzn.to/3xJbVa7
Amazon CAN: Not Available

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