Best BUDGET HD Projector (2021) The Goodee BL98 – Review, Setup & Device Connection Guide

The GooDee BL98 is a 1080p Budget Projector…WOW what an aesthetically pleasing and powerful little machine. 2021 we’ve finally reach a day and age where a good quality budget 1080p projector exists and is now more affordable than your average HDTV! See updated PRICE$$$ and DEAL$$$ below!

Where to purchase: ☆ GooDee BL98
Amazon CAN:
Amazon US:

Pull-Down Projector Screen:
Foldable Projector Screen:
Ceiling Mount (VIVO):​
ROKU Smart Hub:

00:00 Intro
00:51 Unboxing
02:17 BL98 Projector first look
02:40 Components for BL98
04:28 Powering up
05:36 VHS test 4:3
05:50 Lights on Test
05:57 Corners are in Focus
06:27 Menus
06:54 Screen Reduce Size
07:48 Sound System Change
09:05 Fan Noise Testing
09:18 Loudness Testing
09:30 Brightness Test
09:46 Gaming Test
10:12 Conclusion

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