BEST WEBCAM 2021 📸 | Tenvis TW888 | Unboxing And Review

This Webcam is pretty clear for normal talk, business work, and regular meetings and not mint to be for gaming. since it is 1080P 30hz, there are some settings you can play around and making it look better. while I was playing with it for good one week I have to mention its not bad, but it will not replace my main camera.

While playing with the camera we found that this camera can do 720P 60hz.

00:00 intro
01:03 Unboxing
01:23 User Manual
01:50 Tripod
02:21 Webcam TW888
03:28 Details About Webcam
04:44 Mic Test
05:19 Blurry ( fast Movement ) Test
06:13 Dark with low light Test
06:45 OBS Settings
08:11 Conclusion

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Amazon CAN:

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