Apeman LC550 720P 4500 LUX LED Projector – Unboxing And Review

This projector not only looks great but the quality stands out too. The ease of use with Remote not even pointing to the projector works great, very responsive.


00:35 Resolution info / Lux
01:15 Unboxing
01:27 Accessories
03:20 LC550 Projector Unboxing
03:40 Ports and Connections
04:40 Remote / Buttons On Projector
05:00 Source Button
05:20 First Look Picture Quality
06:28 Picture Quality with Dim Light
06:41 Menus
09:36 Sound With Picture Quality in Darkroom
11:03 Focus / Keystone functions
11:30 Sound Test with dBA for Fan Noise
11:38 Sound Test With dBA with Fan Noise & Speaker Sound
11:55 Lux Brightness Test
12:18 Gaming Picture Quality Test

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Product direct link http://www.apemans.com/product/24_26/110
Amazon CAN:

Apeman’s YouTube Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHFBokbgYAHIifpmjnbRf7g

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  1. Hi. Can you please let me know the recommended picture settings. Thanks

    • it depends on what type of room and how dark the room is, I would always give suggestion to keep the temperature on cool then go to customize and make it little lighter but colors whatever is good to your eyes.

      if you are gaming then keep it warm temperature then it looks more real.

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