BEST Budget 2020 6000 LUX 1080P Projector – UUO P6 – Unboxing and Detail Review

Here is over the top 1080P Projector, which can provide not only crisp quality picture but also over the top keystone, manual and digital with vertical and horizontal with rotating.


00:58 Unboxing
01:20 White Box (( Accessories ))
04:11 IR Remote 04:20 Unboxing Projector
04:49 Projector Connectors / Ports
07:36 Focus and Manual Keystone
08:20 Buttons on Projector
09:24 First Projection Screen with Light
09:37 First look with all lights off
10:18 Menu Screens
11:00 Projection Directions
12:38 Digital Keystone (( Above and Beyond ))
14:38 Fan Noise
14:50 Fan Noise + Speaker Sound
15:01 pixel test
15:27 Power safe
15:50 VHS Test
16:04 Aspect Ratio Test with VHS
17:15 Gaming Test

Where to Purchase:

– easy of use
– remote works any direction
– options easy to understand
– keystone over the top
– PC or VHS looks better with almost no pixels showing.

– the zoom dial a little hard
– Fan noise a little at a higher level.

LED Video Projector
Energy efficiency 150W
Lamp life 50,000 Hours
Brightness is 6000 Lumens
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: 8000:1
Max Optimal Screen 300”
Adjustable Scale 25% -100% HDMI
Input for consoles + more
Hifi Stereo Speakers

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