Disney Plus On Android Box and More Explanation

This video, I have indicated why this is not compatible with most Android boxes, and step by step guide to easily install on your Android boxes, and shown some clips that sound do work. remember to listen to why your android box does not have sound.

Where to purchase:

Buzztv ARQ 100 Air Mouse Remote
Amazon USA: https://amzn.to/2PfOVfe
Amazon CAN: https://amzn.to/2qHjoZY

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  1. I have the same exact box and cant get sound

    • then you have changed the settings, make sure you have the MyGica ATV1960 and not ATV1900 or ATV1900Pro, and also Buzztv XPL3900 and not XPL3000.

      • Sarah Zelinsky

        Can you not download it on MyGica 1900?

        • James whocares

          it depends on which ATV1900, there are two versions ATV1900AC it may not work cause original Chip was made for OS 4.4 and do not have support H264 video, but ATV1900 Pro came with OS 5.1 and now beta 7.1 and do support H264 and also have Dobly Digital Chip.

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