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I know this is what most of you guys are asking, so here is it is in plain English!

These are all 3rd party Plugins, and i don’t host the files, its directly from App creators sites. Another Thing i Don’t Support Most of them, And If they don’t work please contact the App Creator directly.

I DO NOT SUPPORT or CARE for iCEFILMS, if you have problem contact them directly..


Free Television Plugins

XBMC Official Addons
Addons included with XBMC by Default.
Recommended Video Addons: Academic Earth, Al Jazeera, cnet Podcasts, CollegeHumor, Comic Vine, DIY Network, Engadget, FLW Outdoors, Food Network, Fox News, Funny or Die, LeafsTV Interactive, NascarX, National Geographic, PBS, TechCrunch TV, TMZ, Vimeo, YouTube, Zapiks

Navi-X for XBMC
Navi-Xtreme Media Portal software gives you access to Free TV, live internationals, and much more!
Download Navi-X

Andrepl’s Addons
Popular repository giving you access to many useful news casts including BBC World News, Al Jazeera, CTV Local & National News, CNN, and Global TV News.
Download Andrepl
Recommended Video Addons: Canada On Demand, World News Live

Eldorado’s Repository
Great addon package written by one of the main coders from the Anarchintosh team.
Download Eldorado
Recommended Video Addons: Quick Silver Screen and Project-Free TV

Anarchintosh Projects
Probably the most popular of all Free TV repositories for XBMC featuring the Icefilms plugin.
Download Anarchintosh
Recommended Video Addons: Icefilms

Blutendes Addons (Temporarily Broken)
Good Free TV addon which interfaces with Fast Pass TV.
Download Blutendes
Recommended Video Addons: FastPassTV T3

Divingmule’s Repo

Cool repository featuring different useful addons.
Download Divingmule
Recommended Video Addons: NFL, PGA, ESPN Go, and The Weather Network

Batch XBMC Add-ons
Allows you to basically download an off site version of the Icefilms database which contains all the Icefilms links.
Download Batch
Recommended Video Addons: IceLibrary

Bluecop Add-on Repository
Interfaces with different web based content to provide you with all kinds of video entertainment.
Download Bluecop
Recommended Video Addons: Veetle, ESPN, Free Cable, Hulu, Reddit Videos, VEVO, Yahoo Music Videos

MaxMustermann’s Add-ons
Watch live and prerecorded sports through XBMC.
Download MaxMustermann
Recommended Video Addons: SportsDevil, xStream

Nixa Sparetime Addons
Video site scraper plugins written by Nixa.
Download Sparetime
Recommended Video Addons: Sesame Street, Nickelodeon

T0mm0′s XBMC Addons
Site scraper video addons by T0mm0.
Download T0mm0
Recommended Video Addons: Crackle, Daily Seinfeld, Muzu.TV, Roadrunner Records, USTVNow, Veetle

MyWebTV Plugin
Plugin giving you access to many channels from all over.
Download MyWebTV

XBMC Adult Addons
All the free porn you can imagine.
Download XBMC Adult
Recommended Video Addons: YouJizz, VideoDevil

Music Addons

Grooveshark for XBMC
Listen to audio from Grooveshark through XBMC.
Download Grooveshark

International Addons

International Addons

Passion XBMC Repository
French language plugins for XBMC.
Download Passion XBMC
Recommended Video Addons: Arte7, Canal+, M6 Replay, Pluzz, TouTv, W9 Replay

Pelisalacarta Addon
Spanish language video addon for XBMC.
Download Pelisalacarta

TValaCarta Addon
Another Spanish channel addon.
Download TValaCarta

AJ Video Add-Ons
Indian plugins for XBMC.
Download AJ Addons
Recommended Video Addons: Filmi by Nature, Desi Zone

XBMC Israel Video
XBMC Hebrew plugins for the Israeli community.
Download IL Video
Recommended Video Addons: Walla, Mako, Nana10

XBMC Israel Shmulik
More Hebrew language addons for XBMC.
Download Shmulik
Recommended Video Addons: Hot, 23TV, KidsTV

Seppius XBMC Repository
Russian language plugins for XBMC.
Download Seppius

Persian and Iranian addon for XBMC, based on GLBOX.
Download GLWIZ

XBMC Addons Chinese
Chinese language addons for XBMC.
Download XBMC Addons Chinese

XBMC Korea Repository
Korean language plugins for XBMC.
Download XBMC Korea

Other Addons

Web Viewer
Simple web browser for XBMC.
Download Web Viewer

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  1. I definitely recommend the 1Channel.ch repo – it’s a fantastic addition since Icefilms is still a little rocky. Check out the http://xbmchub.info forum on the plugin.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The link for the web viewer does not work.

  3. Ok Now the Plugin for Browser works thanks to jeya

  4. just wanna say you are the best thank you soooooo much for everything ……thanks for u am enjoying my ATV2 … just quick question how do i make african tv (like ethiopian tv work on my xbmc ? please if u can help me out thx

  5. Hi, thanks for the useful guide! One question, can I delete the zip files via FileZilla after installing the packages?

  6. I have navi-x and tried watching channels like hBO and most of them dont even work. icefilms is better all the shows you can think of are there

    • I don’t support icefilms they have a lot issue with plugin on AppleTV2 and they have legal issues I don’t to touch but thank you for info

  7. hi there
    you have really nice collection of plugins . and really good video totorial .
    but i was looking for the arabic channels when you will have them on ??
    hope to hear from you soon

  8. el jaziraspot +1 ………+10 tv watchen in appel tv plz

    • The channels that are available and people created and shared I have on the list except this you need to find other sources…. This is all avalibke for AppleTV 2

  9. Hi xctechs, I love your tutorial however I am using a Mac and everytime Safari downloads your plug-ins
    it does not stay in a ZIP file? I did compresse the file back to zip and used filezilla to put them into the applications folder. When I go into XBMC and go to video addons, I keep on getting an error message:
    (Error getting plugin://) or (Ad-on does not have the correct structure)..PLEASE HELP MATE!

  10. there should be a place where you could find streams in xlm format for Livestreams both movies and tv

    • Yes there should be a way, but I don’t support that in our website please go through XBMC forums they have developers section and they can help you create your plugin

  11. Is there any chance of a English premier league add-on ?

    • The plugins are all there, I don’t create plugins and interested to create any. You can go to XBMC forums and find out there but for most live channels I would say to use Navi-X

  12. I really appreciate this site and the videos u put out. Very helpful!!
    I am wondering if you can help me with a plugin for Filipino movies, tv shows and news. There is a network called abs-cbn or TFC. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  13. Hi this websit is very helpful, i looking for the plugin for Vietnamese chanel, do you known which one? thanks

  14. Hi i try the navix but i can not find the vietnamese chanel, can you show mw step by step, i want to do it for my parents , thanks

    • Since Navi-X is universal it may have most of the. Channels if the users shared it is not a must have channel then we can’t just assume it will appear….

  15. Hi i installed the adulte plugin , and i open video addons, why i cann’t see the icon the adulte chanels likevideoevil, tube8 or some else, can you tell me how to do on myATV2. thanks

    • Read the top part of the page on what it says for plugins, if don’t work you need to go to XBMC forums and find the plugin creator to help you out. I am not the plugin creator and have no desire to be one ….

  16. Hi do you known how to restart xbmc onAtv2? thanks

  17. Just wanted to know if there are any add on’s for channels from brazil, would be great if you could let me know

  18. Hi I was wonder can you send me Vietnamese live TV pluggins. Email back please

    • sorry to say, i don’t create Plugins, but if you want you can download the ones that are available on our network and also the ones that are available on our sister website xbmchub.com

  19. i keep trying to install from zip but it says incorrect file HELP!!!

    • the plugins your installing make sure its compatible to AppleTV 2, or wont even load

      to get good plugins that works check out our sister website xbmchub.com

  20. Hi,
    Nice website Atv.
    How can I get a plugin for US and Indian channels? I got the AJ Video Add-Ons but it is not working.

  21. Can you add the Arabic XBMC plugins repository to your list please – https://github.com/hadynz/repository.arabic.xbmc-addons

  22. tagalog fiilipino channel? what repo do I use?

  23. Unable to access the NAVI-X portal……It just hangs accessing the URL

  24. After cleaning my movie library, I found that the Movie tap did not display the Widget (recent movies) on the top row. Also the Widget (unviewed movies) on my Video tab, also did not display on top. They are still selected in the skin…

  25. 1Channel currently does not offer any plot info when I press ‘INFO’…
    Is the a configuration parameter to set up that will display plot info???

    There are a few other channels with the same problem..

    • I will check and tell you

      • I’ve discovered the problem, but I don’t know how to fix it.

        The current fix to 1Channel script errors is to configure it NOT to enable Metadata. This is what causes there to be no plot data when requesting info. If you ENABLE Metadata, you can view the plot info, but you cannot page to the next page.

  26. Now that it’s football season, can you find an ESPN HD live feed that’s really in good HD?? Most of the identified ESPN HD channels offer very poor quality video.

  27. Where can I download the plugin for offsidestreams?

    • it should be under Fusion Http Servers

      • I’m afraid you are incorrect…I have unloaded and searched the OFFSIDE STREAMS Repository but the only item there is the Add-on itself. The plugin is not on the Fusion servor…

        • i like the way you started your sentance, that i am incorrect let me show you the link to prove you wrong buddy, i remember reading on our sister site xbmchub.com which is hosting the fusion servers, now if its removed from fusion servers which that part i don’t know and don’t really care since its not me created the add-on, and again read the page carefully before you prove someone wrong that just want to bring help and not fight

          http://www.xbmchub.com/forums/mikey1234s-addons/8515-%5Brelease%5D-offsidestreams-com.html here is the link just to show you the repo still there for download

          Now don’t reply under this!…

          Thank you, James

  28. Are there any XBMC TVGUIDES set up for American channels. If so, how do they work?
    Is the guide data automaticalls updated?

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