Wednesday , April 25 2018
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Ssh XBMC V12 Frodo To Your iOS 5.2 (6.1)

Since Alot of you guys requested, and XBMC finally brought out there latest version of XBMC V12 and now made it compatible with iOS 5.2 AKA 6.1 for our AppleTV 2.. To process this Using MAC/Ubuntu use your Terminal, but if your on Windows Download PuTTY here is how you ...

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Statement on AppleTV 3 Jailbreak

Topic: Statement on AppleTV 3 Jailbreak Since alot of you guys are getting upset, that i am not making video for AppleTV 3 jailbreak, and there is a website which indicating jailbreak is out, I thought i should just make a video to tell everyone. NO Jailbreak available for AppleTV ...

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Nito Installer On Windows For AppleTV2

Topic: Nito Installer On Windows For AppleTV2 Yet Another awesome app to install nitoTV or XBMC and addons by one click, brought to you by or (( NOTE: In Video i have indicated its wrong its suppose to be )) Things to Know: 1. Download the ...

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Change SSH Password for Apple TV 2 with nito Installer

You wouldn’t leave your wireless internet connection password to the default. so why leave your Apple TV 2 open to security hazards? The default password on any jailbroken Apple device is always “alpine” (without quotations) and hackers know that. Now there have not been any reports of people’s network security being put ...

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