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What is 4K UHD? Next-Gen resolution explained

From the World Cup to Netflix, in 2014 you’re going to start hearing a lot more about 4K resolution or ‘Ultra HD.’ But what is it? And more importantly, do you want it? As if 3D TV and LED LCD vs. OLED vs. plasma and 120Hz and the Soap Opera Effect weren’t confusing enough, in […]


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Buffering is a common question within the XBMC application. Most users will want to resolve the buffering issue. To do so, follow the guide below. Internet Speeds First and foremost, we need to isolate the causes for the slow buffering. This can be achieved by a quick speed test. Download SpeedTest from the Google Play […]


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How to Downgrade from Gotham toFrodo on your Jailbroken Apple TV 2

Alot of you guys keep asking how to downgrade, I am  having problems with Gotham 13 RC1 and about there being some glitches with regards to add-ons in Gotham for the Apple TV 2 device. Some add-on authors have not yet updated their add-on coding in order to support this new Gotham version of XBMC yet which is […]


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Restore Matricom G-BOX Sigma To Factory Default – Step By Step Guide

Since been asked here is a video on how to Restore Matricom G-Box Sigma back to factory settings, Where to Order your own G-BOX Midnight MX2 Official website to order: http://goo.gl/7jgE1C Share This:


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XBMC Meaning – 101

Since alot of people, asking what’s XBMC why we need it. Here is a Video just to simply the meanings of each and different parts 1. Where and Why XBMC came to live 2. What platforms its working on 3. Meaning of Nightly Build 4. Meaning of Monthly Build 5. Official XBMC Website http://goo.gl/l9wh Video […]


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Master Rest G-BOX Midnight MX2 – 101 Guide

Since some of you had problem with loading too many things and did not want to reload the total software via USB or SD card here is how you can reset G-box MX2 OS… Share This:


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Master Rest XBMC On G-BOX Midnight MX2 Android Media Box

Alot of you guys have this question; how do I reset my XBMC without un-installing, or using any add-ons while there is an add-on you can use, here is a video how to reset on Android 1. Factory Rest XBMC: http://goo.gl/C67OQT Where to Order your own G-BOX Midnight MX2 Official website to order: http://goo.gl/7jgE1C Share […]


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Downgrading XBMC G-Box Sigma

This will all need to be down from the Terminal Emulator which can be found from the “G-Menu” and clicking Accessories > Terminal Emulator. First: Uninstall the previous XBMC’s on the device by doing the following:   sudo apt-add-repository -r ppa:wsnipex/xbmc-fernetmenta-master sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:team-xbmc/unstable sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa sudo apt-get remove xbmc xbmc-bin sudo apt-get […]


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Super Configure XBMC With New XBMCHUB Wizard

Alot of you didn’t know how to setup proper and working XBMCHUB wizard so here is a video to clearfy some steps and install xbmchub fresh restart!…. things to know: make sure your on XBMC 12.0 or higher Share This:


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More Links for TV Desi-Zone XBMC Add-On

Some of you messaged me indicating as soon as you updated you guys lost access to more source links where you would’ve play your video if one didn’t work. We brought this video you guys to show you that option is still there just hidden follow this video for help how to install TV Desi-Zone […]


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