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Kodi Zoom In and Zoom Out 101

Here is what alot of people asking… this is easy way to fix your screen size on Kodi 15.2 or higher. to get more info about Kodi Official Website: http://www.kodi.tv download: http://www.kodi.tv/download Share This:


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TVAddons HubWizard for Media Center 101

Here is yet another video we have not updated in long time enjoy for more info please visit http://tvaddons.ag Share This:


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How to Fix Sound Problem on MyGica Boxes 101

Here is how you can fix, if your Box changed your settings for Audio Out Put.. just follow along, remember if you did press mute to press the mute button on your remote before processing this video Share This:


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Kodi Screen Size Fix Zoom & Pixel – 101

Here is a video, how to fix screen size and pixels on your videos, i have to remind everyone that this video is 101 for Kodi 1. download Kodi http://www.kodi.tv Share This:


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Install Kodi 15.2 On Android Box Via Play Store – 101 Guide

Here is a video which alot of you guys requested, remember that Kodi is been avalible on Google Play store now for good few months, so here is how you can install it on your Android boxes If you want to un-install older version to install this follow this video http://bit.ly/1YfFSqT If can not install […]


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Install Kodi 15.1 Manually On Older Android Boxes 101

Since alot of people having issue install latest kodi on your Dual Core Android boxes, here is a video to make your box work again Remember there are some limitation: such as what OS version your running, if your on 4.1 kodi 15.1 would be compatible website: http://www.kodi.tv Share This:


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MyGica OS Lollipop Wifi Setup, 101 Guide

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/5Cduy8MyGAk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Here is how you can setup your WiFi, step by step on OS 5 aka Lollipop Share This:


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Collaborate Kodi Screen 101

Here is a video to help you guys fix screen size, and not over lap or black lines inside of your screen while watching your Kodi screen Share This:


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Backup Add-on – Kodi Advanced 101 – How to

Here is another video little more info, on how to backup your data base + Background and shortcuts on your thumb drive or network drive.. 1. Backup Kodi On Network Drive: http://bit.ly/1FQbsnJ 2. Backup Kodi on USB Drive: http://bit.ly/1FcRv5G Share This:


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G-Box Midnight MX2 Wifi Trouble shooting 101

This video is very basic trouble shooting to show simple user on how to check and fix WiFi issue with G-Box Official website & Ordering: http://goo.gl/dVbnwc Share This:


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