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Downgrade XBMC 13.0 To 12.3 On G-BOX Sigma HTPC


Since alot of you guys that have G-BOX Sigma and needed to downgrade XBMC 13 Gotham to 12.3 Frodo because alot of Add-ons are not compatible to 13 yet here is a video showing you how to process step by step

for better strings steps follow these websites

1. Matricom Wiki Page : http://goo.gl/Bim0T1
2. Our Own Website : http://goo.gl/P9GY3Q
3. Our Backup Website: http://goo.gl/GT59Ou

To See Un-Boxing and Introduction: http://goo.gl/zAQoaS

To Order your own G-BOX Sigma: http://goo.gl/Szvukc

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