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Fix Fusion HTTP Server Link or Remove

Topic: Fix Fusion HTTP Server Link or Remove

I know alot of you reqested this video, since making spelling mistake don’t know how to get back in or remove the source and readd brand new …

Things to Know:

1. Jailbreak your AppleTV 2
Seas0npass http://youtu.be/bXvOJAH9KAo

2. Tell Difference Which AppleTV your Holding ( AppleTV 2 or The New AppleTV 3)
( If still confused, search google to know which one you have )

3. how to process picture by picture

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  1. Hello
    Thx for a very god website and great videos.
    I have a question about getting the meny up, were you can remove a source.
    I have an androidstick with gyroremote.
    When I tap or holding the left “mouse” button, It will say wrong source and when I tap or holding the right “mouse” button I only go back one step in the program.

    You sad in the video that you have some different method to get to the meny on your website, but I cant find it,

    Can you please help me with that I would apppreciate it.

    best regards

  2. Ok, thans. Do you have a keybord to recommend.
    In Sweden maby 🙂


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