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iOS 4.3.5 Released & Tethered Jailbreak


Just wanted to make a quick post because earlier today Apple released iOS 4.3.5. The update includes resolving a security issue with the certificate verification. This is only a week after iOS 4.3.4 was release to fix the PDF exploit that Jailbreakme.com used back on 4.3.3. For those of you that have updated already and want to keep their jailbreak there is only a tethered method out at the moment. You can do that with the newest version of Redsn0w. If the untethered Jailbreak is released soon I will post a guide for you guys and stay away from the tethered jailbreaks for now. Don’t get your hopes up though, by the time the untethered jailbreak is out iOS 5 may be released.

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