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Podoor PC 100 Remote & Air Mouse 2.4G Wireless Keyboard


Pc100 was used as a 4 in 1 gadget, and performs traditional keyboard and mouse function, control the cursor on the screen at will, input digits, letters, punctuation, etc.. The difference is that they are wireless and do not need a car mats, operate only in the air.

It works for PC, tablet, notebook, android smart tv, and mini pc, android tv box, network media player, etc..

It is simple and easy to install pc100, operable immediately after plug-usb receiver to the desire of the device.


Remote Control

Pc100 adopts 2.4G wireless, go abandon traditional boundaries, able to control in any direction. Waving in the air for air mouse to move the cursor on the screen, ready to operate. Even the user lying on the sofa comfortably, very convenient, relaxing.

Use 2.4 GHz transmission technology make quick, effective anti-interference, sensitive operation distance beyond 10m.

Pc100 was a good friend to play games on the big screen tv. It with anti-shake algorithm, cursor control accurately and easily, without shading.

If you were fascinated by somatic games, pc100 built-in gyroscope and accelerometer capable of detecting moving hands to hold control of the game.



To enter the site news browser, watch video on the Internet, in mv big screen tv, just input the desire to address with pc100, pc keyboard as the next.

Pc100 is accessible outdoor uv spray, easy to operate, feel good in your hand.

Model Podoor PC100
Remote Control Operating Range: 10m
Acceleration Sensor 3 axes gyroscope
Gyro-sensor 3 axes g-sensor
Frequency 2.400-2.483Ghz (2.4GHz wireless)
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery (Built-in)
Operating Voltage DC 3V
Operating Current <<20mA
Standby Current <<20uA
Indicator 1 LED indicator
Product Size 151*45*14mm (L*B*H)
Receiver Size 18.58*14.59*6.7mm (L*B*H) mini receiver
Weight 65g
Compatibility Windows, OS X, Android, Linux
Colour Black

Main Features
– USB Plug-and-Play micro receiver
– Anti-shake algorithm
– fits in one hand to manipulate from your couch
– Air mouse + Keyboard + mult-media Android Control
– Gyroscope gaming support (on Podoor T518)
– Advanced power-saving technology

Package Included:

– Mini keyboard (Podoor PC100) x 1
– USB Receiver x 1

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