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1Channel Temp FIX On XBMCHUB Wizard Eidition On AppleTV2

Alot of Questions came up since 1Channel Domain problems came up, here is a very easy but temp fix till 1channel gets a good fix. This process is created by our friend xbmchub.com creators

Things to Know:

1. Jailbreak your AppleTV 2

Seas0npass http://youtu.be/bXvOJAH9KAo

2. Tell Difference Which AppleTV your Holding ( AppleTV 2 or The New AppleTV 3)
( If still confused, search google to know which one you have )

3. Install XBMCHUB Wizard Edition

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  1. I have the problem with the dormain on 1Chanel. So I have downloaded and installed xbmc wizard. When I goto fixes I don’t see the (1channel dormain fix) what I have on the first line is (1channel website down fix) and this dose not fix the problem can you please help.
    Yours thankfully

    • It’s under maintenance // fixes // and 1channel domain fixes

      • When i goto maintenance // fixes // there is no link for 1channel domain fixes as mentioned above I only have a link for website down fix and another 3 fixes like subtitles and one for Hulu what can I do next
        Thanks Chris

        • There is just like the video

          • Well after several attempts- i agree with the Chris, there is not that option in the release i have either. Not much point saying there is, when we are having a problem, perhaps determining the reason there is a “gap” in the process would be more use to us all. Mac/Frodo/maint hub 1.0.0

          • check the fusion link directly on your PC see if you can see the files, download the file on your PC Ssh to your ATV2, and install it manually to find out if its a problem with your Internet Connection from ATV2 or its just ATV2 acting up, rather pointing finger and agree on wrong things….

            sorry i sound a little harsh, but you guys just really don’t know what your saying, we do create the add-on we see the smash on the download rate and if it goes down or up but when its working and you guys talking Sh** about it i have to come down hard and say its your internet connection check it or ATV2 problem fix it!….

          • Read chris’s Message he’s not in correct directory How would that help him? i have correctly shown you guys which folder but under maintenance folder have another maintenance folder why are you guys looking there???? i have not shown that!…. and Chris Got Roger53 to agree with him LOL

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