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JynxBox Android HD Unboxing & Information In Details

Topic: JynxBox Android HD Unboxing & Information In Details

JynxBOX Android HD is An Android Operated System that supports XBMC natively and supports alot of then just XBMC

You can run alot of Games which you can download from Android Market

Things to Know:

1. JynxBox Official Website

2. Xbmchub Our other big supporter of JynxBox Android HD

3. xbmcandriod is another big supporter of JynxBox Android HD

4. More info About it in Detail On Our Own Website


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  1. I just bought JynxBox Android HD and I have a problem with the remote, it does not work at all. What can I do to make it work. thank you very much for your help.
    Best Regards

    • Hey buddy did you charge it? U need to use the microUSB wire and place in charge for good 10minutes

      By the way while placing in charge u should see a light for charge if u didn’t see it message me

      • I charged the remote for 2 hours with the micro USB i have red light but nothing with screen

        • When ur pairing with hd box u need to hookup the little USB part if one USB connector don’t work use the other USB port make sure USB is connected correctly

          Then press a button on remote to get the blue light on then try

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