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  1. Use fix for script error 1 channel. Does not work when I try to access tv series Wild, Wild, West(1965). Any suggestions?? Using ATV2.

  2. Help???i am getting a Boblight error once I go to videos in XBMC, it says” This addon can’t be run on that operating system!(missing ctypes module) . Thx4 help.

  3. Hi,
    found alot of your videos really helpful but I have a 1channel script fail error on my apple tv, i have tried your fix of disabling Meta Data but still the error comes up. Any advice would be appreciated

  4. Thanks for reply lets hope they come up with fix soon ! really missing 1channel

  5. I’m having problems with 1.0.1. Deselecting the metadata does nothing. Hopefully this can get corrected, but in the meantime (it’s a hassle but) you can rollback back to a previous version in your add-on settings. Version seems to work fine.

    Basically I’m getting errors whenever I try and select any option under tv/movies/resolver settings

    • the way XBMC is setup is to work perfectly with ATV2, but if you go in and change settings and start having problem please change it back, remember there are alot of issues lately, since we don’t have alot of space in ATV2 we need as much resource possible for streaming so don’t change any settings

  6. I have same problem. Metadata was not enabled, but I did do the rollback to the version and it is working.

  7. I have an Apple TV2 and just jailbroke it. I followed your instrucitons and was able to load ATV with numerous plug ins and was very happy for about a few days until 1channel stopped working. I have been adding plugins and playing with it before I noticed and could not figure out what caused it to not work. I unchecked the metafile enable button, unisitalled 1channel and unpluged ATV several times before reinstalling. Still no success. Please advise. I really was impressed with 1Channel and would like it to work.

    Please help.

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