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Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux XBMC To Kodi 14.2 Update

Armada Linux Based XBMC did an awesome update to Kodi 14.2, watch our video and process the update and be up to date with your Armada M8 linux Kodi 1. Where to order one http://bit.ly/1KyziEa 2. Main Store http://bit.ly/1F0lhxA Share This:


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XBMC Karayoke Add-on On Kodi – how to install

Since alot of people wanted to know why its not working or how to install here is a video to walk you through!.. 1. How to intsall Fusion http://bit.ly/1IcwcIw 2. How to intsall Add-on Installer http://bit.ly/1JmPb0b Share This:


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Kodi AKA XBMC Video Format Fix

This problem is not that common but i know someone will get stuck, i thought we should bring a quick video how this is fixed.. **** With help of our awesome friend @ThananN this issue was brought up how to fix, Thank you buddy **** Share This:


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Jynxbox M1V2 Pure Linux Kodi AKA XBMC 13.2 Update

Here is a video on how to update your Jynxbox M1V2 to latest version of XBMC 13.2 Things you Need: 1. Jynxbox M1V2 2. a Pin to place your Box to recovery mode 3. MiniSD Card ( 512MB or higher ) 3. Download file http://goo.gl/3bd24X 4. 10 minutes Share This:


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Prometheus OpenElec XBMC HTPC Review & Install HardDrive

Here is an Awesome box which we have updated and re-reviewed + showing you a few more details and how to install HD to this box, remember don’t confuse this box with Android boxes its nothing like Android, this is OpenElec its Pure HTPC very responsive quick and user friendly box to order http://www.KodiNow.com Share […]


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Filmi By Nature AJ Add-on XBMC from Fusion Servers

Since alot of request here is new video on how to install Filmi By Nature!…. Things You need: 1. Install Fusion Servers: http://goo.gl/cWq1FD 2. Install Add-On Installer: http://goo.gl/FvX0NC Share This:


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Buffering is a common question within the XBMC application. Most users will want to resolve the buffering issue. To do so, follow the guide below. Internet Speeds First and foremost, we need to isolate the causes for the slow buffering. This can be achieved by a quick speed test. Download SpeedTest from the Google Play […]


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Aeon MQ5 Skin For XBMC

The Creators really spent alot of time, putting this skin together, its an awesome heavy skin alot of customization… This Skin is good for DualCore and QuadCore and HTPCs not recommended for AppleTV2 Share This:


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Install XBMC on FireTV via adbFire

Here is a better and easier way to install XBMC on your FireTV, we are using adbFire File, adbFire File ( Windows/MAC ) http://goo.gl/ciH0K0 XBMC 13.1 Download http://goo.gl/Gnm0oF Share This:


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Prometheus HTPC OpenElec XBMC PC – Unboxing & Introduction

Here is a real good HTPC i have received from GetXBMC Group, Its an awesome XBMC PC set, its with 2GIG of Ram its real quick to respond and with keyboard they have sent its taking your browsing XBMC or your Chrome Browser to next level _________________________________ | TO ORDER PLEASE GO TO | | […]


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