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Install Kodi 16.1 Manually On Android 4.4 Boxes

Here is a how to video on manually installing Kodi 16.1 which is not available on google play store anymore. Share This:


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Install SPMC 16.3 On Android Boxes – Complete How to Video

Here is another requested video on how to install SPMC 16.3 on DualCore and Quadcore Boxes, step by step guide Files you need: 1. USB ThumbDrive : 2. SPMC latest Version : http://spmc.semperpax.com/ 4. Few Minutes Share This:


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How to Fix Sound Problem on MyGica Boxes 101

Here is how you can fix, if your Box changed your settings for Audio Out Put.. just follow along, remember if you did press mute to press the mute button on your remote before processing this video Share This:


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Mobile App To Control MyGica QuadCore Boxes

Here is yet awesome app for your phones to control mostly MyGica QuadCore Boxes, and have full functions and you do not have to spend anything Only Tip: make sure your connected to same router Share This:


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Factory Reset Kodi On Android Boxes

Here is a requested video, for you guys Just a 101 video how to reset your Kodi back to original settings Official Website: http://www.kodi.tv If you want to un-install older version to install this follow this video http://bit.ly/1YfFSqT If can not install Via Play store follow this Video http://bit.ly/1VD5ElL How Kodi became Kodi follow this […]


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Android OS 5 – Master Reset On MyGica Boxes

Here is how you master reset your OS 5.0 on MyGica boxes, Share This:


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Install Kodi 15.1 Manually On Older Android Boxes 101

Since alot of people having issue install latest kodi on your Dual Core Android boxes, here is a video to make your box work again Remember there are some limitation: such as what OS version your running, if your on 4.1 kodi 15.1 would be compatible website: http://www.kodi.tv Share This:


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MyGica KR301 Air Mouse Remote Exclusive to MyGica Android boxes – Review

Here is yet another awesome remote by Mygica Group called KR301, its dual sided Air Mouse remote, it have alot of good short cuts, but its exclusive to MyGica all buttons wont work if you try to use this on other Android boxe. works like charm if your trying to use this on Windows or […]


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CodeRed Launcher For All Android Boxes

Here is an awesome brand new Launcher by Theaterinabox group, for Armada boxes its part of it, but for rest of the boxes you can download from Google Play Store for only $1.99US Share This:


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Jynxbox Wizard On XBMC For All JynxBox Media Streaming Boxes

Here is a Customized Wizard that will bring you up to speed with Most used Add-ons so you don’t need to go anywhere to download them.. Things you need: 1. USB Thumb Drive or MicroSD card 2. Computer to load the file 3. The Wizard File ( http://goo.gl/yHGmu5 ) ((** NOTE: When you downloaded the […]


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