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Install Kodi 15.2 On Android Box Via Play Store – 101 Guide

Here is a video which alot of you guys requested, remember that Kodi is been avalible on Google Play store now for good few months, so here is how you can install it on your Android boxes If you want to un-install older version to install this follow this video http://bit.ly/1YfFSqT If can not install […]


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Install OpenElec Kodi 14.1 On Prometheus HTPC Box

Since this update come up, and alot of request + emails, i thought i come out and make a little step by step help how to setup Things you need: 1. Download file http://www.openelec.tv 2. Where you can pruchase this box http://www.kodinow.com Share This:


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Prometheus OpenElec XBMC HTPC Review & Install HardDrive

Here is an Awesome box which we have updated and re-reviewed + showing you a few more details and how to install HD to this box, remember don’t confuse this box with Android boxes its nothing like Android, this is OpenElec its Pure HTPC very responsive quick and user friendly box to order http://www.KodiNow.com Share […]


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