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Super Configure XBMC With New XBMCHUB Wizard

Alot of you didn’t know how to setup proper and working XBMCHUB wizard so here is a video to clearfy some steps and install xbmchub fresh restart!…. things to know: make sure your on XBMC 12.0 or higher Share This:


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Seas0nPass Jailbreak 4.3 + How to SSH nitoTV with MAC/Ubuntu/Windows

This Interactive video i created to show you guys Seas0nPass has created a solid jailbreak and no more issue with XBMC and nitoTV Step by Step guides Share This:


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AppleTV With VPN And More..

Apple TV doesn’t haveVPN client inside. I setup a dd-wrt router and connect Free Version of VPN or Paid https://www.boxpn.com VPN service with it. So all my devices as well as my apple tv gets boxpn access and I’m able to watch US based services like Netflix and Hulu on my AppleTV in Europe. It’s not very […]


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