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Review Podoor PC100 Remote & Air Mouse 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

After a month of using i thought its about time to bring a little review for Our Beloved Air Mouse Podoor PC100 Wireless Keyboard and Air mouse remote!…. Where to buy: http://goo.gl/8cSQ2W More Info: 1. Unboxing: http://goo.gl/31JgzU 2. More Written Review: http://goo.gl/RR6smm 3. Detail Info: http://goo.gl/35TiAR Share This:


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Podoor PC100 Air Mouse Unboxing And Introduction

Here is an awesome little remote, which is compatible with PC, MAC, Android And Linux Boxes. I have already created a little page on our website explaining good and bad about this remote. Its actually 99% good then bad.. but check it out More info Pages: Details About Remote: http://goo.gl/35TiAR Review Page: http://goo.gl/RR6smm Podoor Official […]


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Review: Podoor PC 100 Remote & Air Mouse 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

The Good: The Prodoor PC 100 remote is very light weight to grab and play your games on Android boxes, the keys smooth and not sticky..  the keyboard is full and enough space to press the buttons without pressing 2nd key together. The IR portion with 2.4Gig range is good enough to work up to 7 […]


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Podoor PC 100 Remote & Air Mouse 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

Pc100 was used as a 4 in 1 gadget, and performs traditional keyboard and mouse function, control the cursor on the screen at will, input digits, letters, punctuation, etc.. The difference is that they are wireless and do not need a car mats, operate only in the air. It works for PC, tablet, notebook, android smart […]


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