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JynxBox M6 Pure Linux Kodi 13.2 – How to Update

Here is yet another awesome work from Jynxbox for M6 Latest version of Linux called Pure Linux XBMC AkA Kodi 13.2 Things you need to process this: 1. Mini SD card ( 512MB or Over ) 2. File http://goo.gl/RLgPlk Official Website http://goo.gl/eycxRY 3. 10 Minutes to process this Share This:


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Jynxbox M6 – Pure Linux XBMC With CloudWord Installer

Jynxbox M6 gets another Pure Linux Update with CloudWord Installer update to make things easier in order to install new add-ons there will be a new video on how to install Add-ons Via CloudWord Installer File you Need: http://goo.gl/6Tt9zB Share This:


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Unofficial Linux XBMC 13 Gotham RC1 On Jynxbox M6, How-to

Here is how you can install Latest release of Linux based XBMC 13 Gotham RC1 on your Jynxbox M6 Links: Direct Download page: http://goo.gl/u8vjqM Share This:


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Jynxbox M6 Revert Back to Android from XBMC

Since alot of us had problem that could not go back to android OS here is a official file that jynxbox group brought out, now we can go back to android… File: http://goo.gl/kImizH Share This:


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Manually Load Latest Android OS On JynxBox M6

Since some of you asked on if having problem with Box how can you manually load the Jellybean OS, or going back from Linux XBMC back to Android here is the video to help you out… What you need: 1. USB Thumb Drive or MicroSD card 2. Computer to load the file 3. Official Android […]


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Official Linux XBMC V12.4 For JynxBox M6 How to Install

After long wait finaly JynxBox Group Brought up yet another awesome Tweak for our beloved Jynxbox M6 (( Pure Linux XBMC )) Now we can Install it and take advantage of it, and here is how you can install… What you need: 1. USB Thumb Drive or MicroSD card 2. Computer to load the file […]


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JynxBox Android M6 Dual Core Unboxing and Introduction

Jynxbox brought yet another awesome little device we can use for xbmc top box, called Jynxbox Android M6 its Dual Core…. For more info you can check our website http://goo.gl/bjho9m and official Jynxbox website http://www.jynxbox.me Share This:


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Jynxbox Android M6 Dual Core

Jynxbox M6, also called Dual Core Android TV box, is a Android box HDMI output to turn your TV to a multi-functional smart TV: a media player, an internet browser with big view, a photo viewer, a game player, a music player, a huge size screen ebook / emegazine / newspaper reader, an online video […]


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